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Erroneous underpayments can be costly when added to already deeply discounted rates. Any hospital with a volume of contract business is exposed to significant underpayment risk. Some industry analysts estimate hospitals and healthcare professionals are underpaid 16%-18% annually by insurance companies, HMOs and third-party payers, leaving significant sums of potentially lost revenue on the table. Our team of contract analysts and billing/follow-up specialists has allowed millions of dollars in revenue to be realized simply by assisting the facilities managed care and business offices to utilize the reimbursement capabilities of their current contracts and by maximizing revenue from multiple sources.

At Accurate Reimbursement, we focus on two critical areas of compliance -- Underpayment review and Third-Party Follow-Up. Our success in providing these services is well established and has been demonstrated time and again for hospitals of all sizes. We also offer Additional Services for your unique needs. Browse these categories to learn more about how we can best serve you.

    •   Undepayment Review
    •   Third-Party Follow-Up
    •   Customized Business Solutions

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