Expertise and Service

"While the healthcare industry has benefited greatly from technology designed to automate the payment recovery process, the reality is that not even the most advanced technologies can thoroughly reconcile today's complex accounts. Comprehensive compliance requires demonstrated expertise and hands-on service."
-- Don Pfeffer, President, Accurate Reimbursement Solutions

Healthcare providers and their Patient Accounts Professionals are all too familiar with the challenges and complexities of maintaining a fluid accounts receivables system. Faced with limited resources, the organization's staff is often forced to focus on more complex insurance contracts, chronically delinquent debtors and a high volume in day-to-day responsibility. This is typically done at the expense of debt reconciliation, which in turn results in lost revenue.

As a company focused specifically on handling payment recovery and managed care compliance issues, Accurate Reimbursement delivers demonstrated expertise and superior service to more effectively manage your hospital's patient accounts. Our auditors work to assist hospitals in assuring correct payment is received by retrospectively and concurrently reviewing contract payments to verify compliance. And since our team manages all necessary research and follow-up, there is no additional burden on existing staff.

Most importantly, we serve as a trusted partner that can review your existing contracts to recommend changes so that future problems don't repeat themselves.

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