Client Testimonials

"I'd like to acknowledge your part in the drop of 23.8 days in our gross days in AR from 12-00 to 11-01. We put together an AR reduction plan in the spring of 2001. By using Accurate Reimbursement to collect large dollar amounts at least 120 days old and often far older, we collected the cash and reduced our aging of accts 120+ by over 4% during that same period.

The success in 2001 prompted us to continue the partnership. While placements in 2002 were not as high, Accurate Reimbursement increased the recovery rate on our accounts by 3%!

We are very pleased with the relationship that Accurate Reimbursement established with our staff. Accurate Reimbursement is low maintenance. They've learned our system and have willingly helped out with a variety of projects including working credit balances."

-- Cathy Corcoran, Former Director of Patient Financial Services,
    The Children's Hospital

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